Oxford Informatics

Beautifully designed analytics¬†that give your business an edge…

Oxford Informatics products are fast and easy to use

Clean user interfaces and super fast performance are our hallmarks…

Our technology products are designed to enable rapid uptake by business users which means you drive immediate value into your organisation


We focus on providing you with exceptional support…

From simple user queries to deep technical advice, our service team is online every business day and ready to advise you.

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    Client managers

    We provide a client manager to act as your point of contact & trusted advisor, supporting you with training, process advice or discussing new product features you’d like included

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    Process documentation

    We provide technical guidance notes, best practice and methodology templates either online or to download from our resource centre

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    Our online training is short, subject specific and searchable so you can quickly find what you need to know

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    Multi channel

    We use a combination of phone, webinar and video conferencing to provide the right support channel

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    Screen sharing

    We use screen sharing software to enable you to show us what your issue is, making the process quicker and easier for everyone

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    Data dictionary

    Our data dictionaries provide you with specific definitions so you understand exactly what the data means

Large or small?…our products scale for any sized organisation

We use cloud based technologies that enable us to rapidly implement solutions and scale for small SMEs right up to multi national organisations

Our data centres are located all around the world to ensure rapid response times and the reassurance of storing your data within your regional area.


Constantly evolving to keep you ahead of the curve

We listen to our customers and use lean development methodologies to continuously improve and extend our products which means your business keeps pace with industry thought leadership and the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Our analytics products are designed to enable best practice and drive improved performance.