Oxford Informatics

Our story began at the Said Business School, Oxford…

In 2013, an international group of executives and entrepreneurs came together to study strategy and innovation at Oxford University.  The desire to put into practice some of the strategic insight and learnings led founder and CEO Todd Collinson to create Oxford Informatics.

Born in Tasmania, Todd went to university in Melbourne and following graduation worked in medical research prior to his first entrepreneurial venture.  His first business, a computer hardware wholesale company expanded rapidly and was sold to Western Digital.  Since 2007, Todd has run a UK based management consultancy company focussed on strategic change within the financial services industry.

In our drive to create digital products that bridge the gap between strategic theory and operational implementation, Oxford Informatics uses academic and business advisors on its strategic board to discuss current research, best practice, shape and inform both product innovation & strategic direction.

Strategic Board

Business Advisors

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    Tim McPherson

    Tim is a US based business executive with extensive global management experience. He has expertise in system design, business process management (BPM), business process outsourcing (BPO) and vertical industry experience in healthcare and telecommunications.

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    Jacqui Greig

    Jacqui is a UK based business executive with deep international experience in the Oil and Gas industry. An accountant by trade, Jacqui provides consultancy in petroleum economics, supply chain analysis and decision support.

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    Luis Carranza

    Luis is a Brazil based business executive with broad experience in social media platform development and business intelligence.   Luis provides expertise in emerging market development, product localisation & innovation, client acquisition and retention strategy

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    Graham Barkus

    Graham is a Hong Kong based business executive with extensive experience in organisational design and human resource strategy. Graham provides strategic guidance on design thinking, organisational alignment and change management, with specific input on how information and ideas diffuse through an organisation to build capacity and capability.

Academic Advisors

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    Steve New

    Steve is an associate professor in operations management at Said Business School and his areas of expertise are in supply chain management and process improvement.   His research addresses the development of an underlying theory of provenance within supply chains to provide a foundation for understanding reputation and ethics. His current work on supply chains was the subject of a recent Harvard Business Review Article, The Transparent Supply Chain.

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    Marc Ventresca

    Marc is a Lecturer in Strategic Management at Said Business School who specialises in market and network formation, entrepreneurship, technology strategy and innovation. He is involved with a number of entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives within Oxford including Science Innovation Plus which engages science doctoral students and post doctoral fellows with entrepreneurial activities. His research focuses on how markets are built and the actors who build them, with a specific specialisation in entrepreneurial market building.

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    Chris McKenna

    Chris is a University Reader in Business Strategy and History who specialises in organisational and technological change, strategic management and is the director of the strategy and innovation programme at Said. His research links the concerns of corporate strategy with the methodology of historical research and he uses various techniques to provide a historical context for the emergence of corporate and competitive strategy.